ProfiMobi - mobile analytics is a complex system designed for the mobile application providers, aggregators or the mobile operators. It covers the whole area of operations and development via following modules. enables variable setting of user access rights and provides support modules that enable service aggregation into the portals of mobile operators like the modules for revenue billing or documents sharing, etc.

The users can order additional services from MicroMedia for a discounted price e.g. the testing on the real mobile phones. Apart from the basic functionality testing we can also assess how the criteria for integration into branded mobile operator portals are met.


Availability monitoring

Within the preset interval the system automatically monitor the availability of the service and whether the service provides correct answer in parameters like correct data format for the handset or correct protocol. The speed of the response is also being monitored. If the malfunctioning is discovered the system generates automatic e-mail or SMS alerts on predefined technical contacts. This module also contains complex reporting.


Monitoring of visitors

The most popular part of the product due to the increasing popularity of mobile advertising. The system generates online statistics and graphs with following data:


The system generates user friendly graphs with comfortable functions like zooming, scrolling, export into different formats, etc. Advanced data filtering is also available including most popular time filter.


Advertising (Ad serving) system enables also advanced administration of mobile campaigns. The primary intention is to enable the service providers to monetize their advertising space them selves. The option of campaign definition across individual services is also available.


API for developers

MicroMedia have developed and verified the methodology that enables to recognize accessing mobile handsets and their technical abilities. This API is based on the HTTP communication and is available for the developers who can optimize their pages according to the handset and offer suitable data format of the downloadable content.


Real handset emulator

Our emulator enables quick preview of mobile pages to see how the pages will be displayed on the particular mobile handset. It displays the approximate result that is based on the knowledge database of mobile handset. Emulator can generate alerts to point out wrong data format, wrong picture size as well as breach of the specific guidelines of mobile operators or .MOBI association. These specific rules can be set via optional insertion modules. Emulator also enables simple preview of generated WML or XHTML-MP codes. Emulator can be also integrated into the monitoring and the monitoring system can randomly access the content as different mobile handset and monitor the content compatibility issues.


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