iPhone and Android Development

MicroMedia is proud to be one of the companies that recognized the importance and potential of the newest handsets like iPhone (by Apple) or handsets powered by Android operations system like G3 in the area of mobile internet. These handsets addressed incredible amount of users and thought them to use mobile internet in simple and comfortable manner using large touch screen displays. These users are eager for new applications and we will be happy to assist you to provide your services to this market.

We can help you to develop the application for these handsets and also to distribute it via placement into the official distribution channels like the Apple Store or the Android Market. The placement of your application to these official channels does introduce your application to hundreds of thousands of potential users. Your task is to find the monetization model and offer your application for a fee or free of charge. We are happy to help you with the application development and to introduce you the specifics of these popular platforms.

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