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Is a term that stands very close to Mobile Marketing. While Mobile Marketing is rather complex and consist also of technical means and mechanics how to approach the consumers the Mobile Advertising (MA) leaves the technical enablers on the provider side and the client-advertisers receives the very end product on the defined communication channel that is the opportunity to address their customers via the display of their creative with possible after actions (interactions).

The basic MA channels:

1) Advertising formats of Mobile Internet

2) Advertising formats outsider Mobile Internet



Situation in the Czech Republic

The GSM market is divided among 3 players – T-Mobile, Telefónica and Vodafone. First entrance into MA world was made by Vodafone in September 2007, the Telefónica followed with their trial in November 2007. T-Mobile launched their solution in September 2008.

The number of the mobile internet users of all three players is over a 1.000.000 UVs and is rising as well as the number of impressions – PVs. The number of page views where the Ad display can be made is well over 10.000.000 monthly!

All three operators identically confirm they record a significant increase of Mobile internet usage in both parameters – Uvs and PVs. The year to year increase is over 100%.



To build the market faster and to ease the advertising across the market of Mobile Internet users all three operators agreed to adopt the International standards recommended by the MMS (Mobile Marketing Association
– Similar are the recommendations regarding the size of the banners that are slightly higher than what MMA suggests and are approximately 12 kb with maximum of 20 kb. This is to make the creative more attractive.

Targeting the users

The standard targeting feature is contextual placement of the banners into the particular main categories of the mobile internet portals. Apart from the most visited Homepage we can contextually target those interested in News, Mobile entertainment, etc. The most sophisticated targeting is being offered by Vodafone as the only one who connected their CRM system with Ad serving system and thus can offer Soc-Dem targeting by Gender, Age, Region or Spend for the mobile services.

Advanced targeting should provide better reaction of the Ad consumer. Using more parameters at once make on the other hand the Target Group significantly narrower so to guarantee desirable Campaign Reach the targeting parameters should be used carefully.


The possibility to work close with the Ad receiver is apart from the related Intimacy and Accessibility one of the most significant advantages of the mobile telephone and Mobile Advertising. The standard palette of Interactions contains Click to Browse, Click to CALL or Click to SMS/MAIL. The added value is in the ease of the interaction done by one single Click and the ability to build the mutual communication.


The Mobile Advertising with MicroMedia

The MA on the Mobile Portals of all three operators – MicroMedia can arrange it! The banner campaign can be placed in all three portals:


With all three operators the banners can be placed into relevant categories like Homepage, determine the number of Ad displays and link the banner with the landing Page – the WAP page that enables more sophisticated interactions. With Vodafone live! The targeting can be extended and Target Group narrowed with Soc-Dem data.
With one Click on the banner the consumers can be redirected to a WAP Landing Page that the team of MicroMedia Professionals adapts according the Advertiser needs including the provision of Hosting and Campaign Reporting.

The provision of the Campaign progress information depends on the Campaign length is standard service as well as the Final Report with information about total number of delivered impressions, total number of UVs or number and type of the Interactions.

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