Mobile Marketing

Mobile Marketing provides the opportunity to address your customer via communication channels present on their Mobile Phone. The Mechanics of Mobile Marketing enable to introduce the Product or Service and provide related information as well as to Gain the feedback on the product and to build the affinity via competitions or sampling and also advertise the price promos or even to build the traffic to the sales channels.

PUSH Mechanics

The push principle is based on utilization of the current databases of customers collected via surveys, competitions or sale specials and to address customer directly via Mobile Marketing channels as SMS, MMS, WAP Push, Bluetooth, etc.

The Communication is based on the Customer Consent where customer agrees to accept advertising related to certain product or Produces or from certain area of their interest.

PULL Mechanics

The pull principle is based on the active participation of the customer and uses these mechanics to get customer feedback, customer data and to build customer databases. The most typical activities are Consumer competitions, the provision of product related information on the subscription base – activation, provision of the information source like the WAP pages, provision of the branded mobile content, etc.



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