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CTR (Click Through Rate)

Serves as the measure of the campaign performance. It expresses the ratio between the number of interactions (Click) and number of the ad display (Impressions). The result is a percentage (e.g. 2%). The higher the number is the better is the campaign performance. The standard in the internet World is approximately 0,2%.



Is the action taken after the display of the Ad. Mostly it is a Click on the banner or link that continues with certain option that is later on reported. Most common options are initiation of browsing on next page, initiation of a call or a message (e-mail, SMS), etc.


Landing page

Is the page where customer lands after the Click (Interaction). This landing page usually contains more information about the product or service or a company and enables further browsing or interactions.



Is the display of an ad to the customer, display of the banner or link on the certain placement. The number of impressions express the size of the campaign.


CPT/CPM (Cost Per Thousand / Cost Per Mille)

Is a pricing expression. It serves the information how much currency units will be paid for a thousand of Impressions. This is a standard unit of an Advertising world.


PV (Page Views)

Serves as an expression of the number of pages that were displayed to customers within certain period of time. Each page can contain a number of Ad positions which is than expressed in the Impressions. If there is only one Ad positron on the page than PV is equal to Impressions (the maximum number of impressions that can be served on that page). PV also serves as one of the measures of popularity of the page – number of visits.


UV (Unique Visitors)

Is the second measure of popularity as it express the number of Unique Visitors who visited the page or WEB/WAP space within certain time period. In the best case it should be similar to the number of unique real people who visited the page. In the internet world this number is taken from cookies and in the more precise Mobile world it is the number of unique telephone numbers that visited the category or page.

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